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December 2019

New Quantitative Fit Testing Technology

By Blog Post

Video Transcript

I am Connor O’Donnell, cofounder of Accutec-IHS. Our flagship product is the AccuFIT9000 quantitative respirator fit test instrument. Accutec-IHS was founded in 2016 with a mission to bring a fresh new respirator fit tester to market. Here’s why. For nearly 30 years, there were only two manufacturers capable of performing the OSHA fit test protocol. One was the controlled negative pressure method and the other was the condensation nuclei counting method. Our founders and consultants have over 75 years of combined respirator fit tester experience, so we knew early on that we would use the CNC method, which allows a respirator to be tested in a dynamic manner. Frankly, if a respirator is going to leak, it’s going to leak while you’re talking, breathing, moving your head and performing basic work functions, not while you’re holding your breath. To differentiate ourselves from our competition, we listened to the voice of the customer.

Because of this, we were able to build in some exciting new features, including standalone mode, built in wifi, and some unique programming, which allows us to be the first respirator fit test or on the market with wireless operator mode. Wireless operator mode allows a person to control one to four units with a tablet, with independent start and stop times while still relaying the instructions to the fit test subject on the builtin display on the instrument. It core value of Accutec is to achieve total customer satisfaction. We stand 110% behind our product and honestly strive to continuously improve. For example, the AccuFIT9000 carries an industry leading three year warranty. When you make a decision to buy an AccuFIT9000 you’re not only buying a great instrument, but you’re getting a partner in your respirator fit testing endeavor.