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August 2020

Cartoon of the genius of n95 filtering facemasks

How N95 Masks Really Work

By Blog Post

There is a lot of misinformation about the way N95 respirators work and in fact what the designation actually means. In order to understand the  AAC/CPC method of fit testing, it is really helpful to first understand the filtration mechanisms that occur in the Filtering Facepiece Respirators such as the N95 series.

We recently found this video, which does an excellent job of explaining the physics of the N95.

In fact, we were so impressed by the very straightforward explanation of the filtering mechanisms that we asked the production company for permission to link to the YouTube video, which they graciously granted.

The video contained in this link is meant for educational purposes only and was produced by ‘MinutePhysics’ who are solely responsible for its content and messaging. You will be redirected to the MinutePhysics YouTube Channel to view this very informative piece about the physics and performance characteristics of N95 respirators.