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The Next Generation of AccuFIT Software: Revolutionizing Respirator Fit Testing

Manage your Respiratory Protection Program for Full Compliance at ALL levels

A Smarter Way to Stay Compliant

AccuFIT software sets a new standard for fit testing

Features Designed With Your Workflow in Mind

Simultaneous Testing

Whether you're testing on one or multiple machines, AccuFIT software ensures all protocols and test parameters are consistent, compliant & complete. When using multiple devices, AccuFIT software enables fit testing with independent start-stop controls.

Adaptive Solutions

From simple tests for minimum allowable Fit Factor levels to more demanding testing for special applications, everything you need to get it done right can be found in the AccuFIT software.

Connectivity Flexibility

AccuFIT software can be accessed using a PC/Laptop/Tablet via USB, or WiFi direct to the Cloud using a wireless device browser (including IoS devices). Larger organizations also have the option to host the AccuFIT software on their own secure servers. This means Fit Test Administrators can do their job when, where, and however they need to.

Transform Your Fit Testing Routine

Data Output

One dashboard enables Test Administrators instant access to data outputs from multiple testing parameters.

Performance Reliability

AccuFIT software delivers guaranteed accurate results, every time.

Data Security

A critical component of any compliant Respiratory Protection Plan is the ability to generate and maintain accurate, comprehensive records. With AccuFIT software, your data will be under military-level security.

Off-line Redundancy

AccuFIT software works without internet connectivity so you can be assured that, regardless of your jobsite situation, your team will be compliant and safe.

A Next-Gen Testing Tool

We believe great fit testing should be intuitive and flawless, AccuFIT software, AccuFIT’s new fit test software, is a scalable system designed to accommodate a full range of operator modes and organizational preferences. It’s a new standard for safety and protection, wherever the job takes you.

Robust Fit Test Reporting and Analytics

Easily transfer legacy data into this new format.

System Flexibility

AccuFIT software works where you need it - in the cloud, in an on-premises server, or on a laptop or tablet.

Reduce Admin Time

Automated software and firmware updates plus automated record management and test protocols reduce the time Fit Test Administrators need to focus on non-mission critical tasks.

Simplified Processes

An intuitive, visual-based readout portal with illustrated exercises makes testing easier to perform.

Secure Results

All data is encrypted for secure storage and access. It's protected by a security alert system that detects and corrects issues proactively, while automated backups ensure no data loss or corruption.

Seamless Integration

AccuFIT software connects to all common EHS databases to enable full integration of test results with OHS compliance records.

Industry Standards

AccuFIT software meets all necessary security standards for Healthcare, Government and Military IT environments.

Anywhere Results

Worksites aren’t always clean. Or connected. But you need results so AccuFIT software works where you work, on the job site or in the field.

Elevate Your Safety Compliance Process

Transform your organization’s fit testing procedures with AccuFIT software.
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A Quantitative Fit Test can best be defined as one which does not depend on the ability of the test subject to detect a challenge agent, nor does it depend on the truthfulness of reporting the sensing of the challenge agents and is therefore completely objective. Further, a Quantitative Fit Test provides defensible metrics and automatically captures results into a secure database for future reference.

29 CFR 1910.134 is the law that describes in detail why fit testing must be performed and who must be tested. Briefly, any worker who is exposed to a respiratory insult and who is required to wear a respiratory protective device (respirator) must be fit-tested before wearing the respirator in the performance of his or her duties.

In reality, Qualitative Fit Testing assesses only the test subjects’ ability to sense the challenge agent and his or her truthfulness.

29 CFR 1910.134 requires that fit testing be performed annually. Please refer to our post on annual fit testing.

29 CFR 1910.134 describes in detail the requirements for who must be fit tested.

29 CFR 1910.134 states that a written, formal Respiratory Protection Program (RPP) be established in any organization where respiratory protection is required. Although the requirements for training of personnel administering the fit tests are somewhat vague, the implication is that the Administrator of the RPP is responsible for the criteria for training the person who actually conducts the fit tests. Please refer to this Cornell University piece.