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AccuFIT 9000®

Discover the New World of Respirator Fit Testing

Alcohol Cartridge

The CPC (Condensation Particle Counter) in this device detects particles using isopropyl alcohol vapor.

The AccuFIT 9000 fit tests all full and half-mask respirators plus most disposable respirators

The AccuFIT 9000's Quantitative Fit Tests can determine safe versus at-risk exposures.
Fully Compliant

AccuFIT 9000 Pro is OSHA, ANSI, CSA, and HSE protocol compliant for testing all tight-fitting respirators.


Our respirator fit testers cannot be cheated by test subjects ensuring accurate fit testing results, providing reliable protection for workers.

Quick & Easy-To-Use

Our fit test is less than 3 minutes and can be a convenient and efficient option for care providers.

3-year Warranty

Our fit test is a safer, more efficient and convenient option for workers to ensure proper fit and protection.

Worker in a protective suit and full-face respirator
Key Features

Made for the most challenging environments

The AccuFIT 9000 Quantitative Respirator Fit Tester uses just one testing mode for both disposable respirators and tight-fitting respirators. Since there’s no need to switch between modes for different respirators, you’ll save time and increase efficiency.

When operated in standalone, the AccuFIT 9000 requires no PC connectivity. All test results are conveniently stored on the unit’s memory stick that can be transferred to a computer when you’re ready – and it also means less equipment to transport and carry when conducting fit tests at multiple locations!

When connected to a PC (via LAN, Wi-Fi, or USB), the AccuFIT 9000 will automatically download and store all test results to your computer. There’s even an extra USB port for direct connection to your printer or keyboard!

The Condensation Particulate Counter (CPC) used in the AccuFIT 9000 has been optimized to enhance counting efficiency. The good news – less chance of running out of particles and receiving an error message warning you that the ambient particle count is too low.

The AccuFIT 9000 Quantitative Respirator Fit Tester offers two set-up options for more convenient testing, regardless of location, all displayed on a 7” colour touchscreen.

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Color Touch Screen GUI
  • WIFI Enabled
  • Ultra High-Speed State of the Art Computer Processor
  • English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese Language Options
  • OSHA, HSE, & CSA Protocol Compliant
  • Three USB Ports and one Ethernet Port
  • Integrated AccuTec ME Medical Questionnaire Technology
  • Control up to (4) AccuFIT instruments with one computer
Included in the AccuFIT 9000 Kit

Everything you need to stay safe and protected.

AccuFIT 9000 Quantitative Respirator Fit Testers are OSHA, ANSI, CSA, and HSE protocol compliant for testing all tight-fitting respirators, including series 99, 100, and FFP3 filtering facepiece respirators. Using OSHA’s streamlined 2019 CNC protocol or other protocols where appropriate, the AccuFIT 9000 is easy-to-use, fast, and affordable.

The hard back case is perfectly made to fit the AccuFIT9000 device for respirator fit testing. Slots are available for the charger and other accessories that ship with the unit.

The internal padding paired with the hard exterior shell provides safe storage when not-in-use or during travel.

The ACCUPUNCH is an innovative and safe way to install test inlet ports into N95 Masks. It is made out of aircraft grade aluminum and durably built for many years of use and abuse. There is not a more durable or safer fit test probing tool on the market! Patent pending.

Our universal Fit Testing Probes work with all Respirator Fit Testers to quantitatively fit test disposable respirators. 

  • AC Adaptor
  • 99.5% Reagent Grade Alcohol
  • AccuFIT Testing Software w/ MedEval and Database Manager functions
  • USB and Ethernet Cables
  • Operation and Service Manual
  • Factory Calibration Certificate
Quantitative Fit Test Protocols for Firefighters
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