All of us have experienced a “ship it and forget it” attitude on the part of manufacturers of equipment.  There is nothing as irritating as the inability to get a problem solved, or what’s worse, to have a supplier refuse to realize the seriousness of a situation that is preventing the user from getting the job done. When a company has what amounts to a monopoly on a market segment the chances are pretty good that that’s what happens.

When we first had the idea for a new CNC-based Fit Test Instrument, one of our absolute priorities was to constantly consider the customer and any possible problem he or she might encounter when using the AccuFIT9000. We really believe that solving a customer’s problem is the best reason for that customer to return to AccuTec for future instrument needs. Therefore, our goal was and is to be completely “customer-centric” in our approach.

AccuTec Customer Service Representative

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Always Easy to Reach

We make it very easy for the customer to contact AccuTec. We employ a toll-free number (800-896-6959) which goes to a technically competent person, a dynamically monitored “inbox” for email, and text capabilities.

Prompt Response

If the customer leaves a voicemail, text, or email we will provide a return contact within 1 business day.

Quick Resolution

We will resolve the problem within two business days. One of our capabilities is “RDS”, or Remote Diagnostics and Service. All of our AccuFIT9000 instruments are wireless- and Ethernet®- enabled, and as such each can be addressed remotely via the internet and the customer’s computer. Our service engineers can then perform a complete system diagnostic to ascertain the problem. Frequently, the adjustment can be performed remotely. However, if the instrument has to be returned to our service facility in South Carolina we will provide a fast turnaround.

Courtesy Followup

We will follow-up with a phone call or email (your choice) to make absolutely sure that the problem is resolved. We won’t stop until it is.

Universal Engineering Adjustments

We encourage a two-way dialog between the user and our engineering staff. We won’t promise an immediate software or firmware change, but we honestly believe that many of the best ideas come from our users, and we are not reluctant to consider these ideas in our future updates. Our software and Firmware are both designed to be extremely easy to update and can be performed by downloading files from our website. We do not charge for these updates. There are enhanced-capability application packages for which there are nominal charges, but these are capabilities that the typical AccuFIT9000 user will not need. (See user apps.)

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