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Fit Testing Guides

A respirator fit test consists of several exercises designed to stress the respirator/face seal during which the test subject wears the respirator to be tested, and the ratio of the challenge agent concentration inside the mask to the ambient concentration is measured. This Ratio is the Fit Factor. In the CNC method, ambient ultra-fine particulates are the challenge agent.

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Quantitative fit testing is common in many industries that deal with potentially hazardous chemicals or inhalants. In several industries, employers are required to conduct regular face fit testing. Whether it is required or not, anyone wearing a respirator (permanent or disposable) should be testing the fit of those respirators to ensure safe use. 

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Firmware, Software and Drivers

Easily transfer records from a legacy database to a modern format and move forward with confidence.

Latest windows software for AccuFIT 9000 and AccuFIT 9000 PRO Models.

Latest version of Firmware for Both the AccuFIT 9000 and AccuFIT 9000 PRO Models.

Manuals & Documentation

OSHA Chemical Cartridge Color Coding All manufacturers use the same color coding for gas/vapor protection

Version 01 003 19.04 Application user manual.

User manual stored in PDF file.

User Guide for AccuFIT 9000 DataManager Software. Includes sample database.

User-Performed Maintenance for AccuFIT 9000® & AccuFIT 9000®PRO

Instructions for use of the AccuFIT 9000 Software and UART Driver (CP210X)

Instructions for use of AccuPUNCH Probe Insertion Tool

Considerations with quantitative fit testing of tight-fitting respirators in regard to data integrity

User manual for the AccuFIT 9000 PRO instrument

User manual for AccuFIT 9000 Instrument

Training Videos

Setting up the AccuFIT9000

Learn how to set up and test the functionality of your AccuFIT9000.

The Difference Between CNC & CNP Fit Testing

Get a better understanding between CNC and CNP fit testing and the features and benefits of the vastly superior CNC quantitative respirator fit testing.

Probing a Filtering Face-Piece Respirator

Learn how to prepare a filtering face-piece respirator for fit testing.