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AccuFIT 9000 PRO Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing Machine

Quantitative Respirator Fit Test Solutions: Portacount, AccuFIT, and More

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Even though OSHA first accepted quantitative respirator fit testing (QNFT) methods in the 1980s, only a few companies have produced fit testing instruments that use those methods. Products like AccuTec’s…
Qualitative Fit Testing Methods

The Case Against Qualitative Fit Testing

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Not all companies that use qualitative fit testing as a means to test the fit of respirators may know that the results are not necessarily 100% accurate. Since this is…
Disposable respirator fit mask with proper face fit

Respirator Fit Testing Mandate: Yea or Nay?

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Very few people like mandates, but there are many that make sense. For instance, restaurants are required to meet certain standards of cleanliness and sanitation to stay open and functioning.…
N95 mask types

The Real Problem With Mask Mandates

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Even N95 Masks Require Respirator Fit Testing With the rise of the omicron variant, many States and businesses are enforcing mask mandates. Whether or not you agree with these mandates,…
Cartoon scientist with half-mask respirator and proper face fit

What is Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing?

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Quantitative respirator fit testing measures how much air leaks into any tight-fitting respirators. Each quantitative fit test is performed by using a machine that calculates measurements with one of two…
Doctor in thought

How Viruses (like COVID-19) Can Affect Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing Results

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The Qualitative Respirator Fit Test is a method that relies on the ability of the test subject to detect a challenge agent such as Saccharin. It has been in use…
Cartoon of the genius of n95 filtering facemasks

How N95 Masks Really Work

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There is a lot of misinformation about the way N95 respirators work and in fact what the designation actually means. In order to understand the  AAC/CPC method of fit testing,…
Covid Virus on Door Handle

How Long the COVID Virus Can Live on Surfaces

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One of the many important things to know about the particular strain of coronavirus which is the etiological agent of the current pandemic is the length of time the virus…
CNC vs CNP Fit Testing Comparison and Explanation

The Difference Between CNC & CNP Fit Testing

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Two Quantitative Fit Testing Methods Respirator fit testing is becoming more important all the time. There are currently two commonly-used methods for performing quantitative fit testing:  Condensation Nuclei Counting (CNC)…
AccutFIT9000 Respirator FIt Testing Kit

How to Setup the AccuFIT9000 Fit Testing Machine

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Hi, I'm Wesley with Accutec-IHS. The AccuFIT9000 is a new instrument for performing respirator fit testing which depends on measuring the fit of a tight fitting respirator by comparing the…
ACCUPUNCH™ Respirator Fit Test Probing Tool and Filtering Facemask

How to Protect Against COVID Spread With Respirator Fit Testing

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Both CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) have now recognized the 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak as being serious. One of the more concerning developments is the fact…
Quantitative Fit Test Equipment for Firefighters

Respirator Fit Testing Methods: Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP) vs. Ambient Aerosol

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In summary, it can be demonstrated that the Ambient Aerosol method as used in the AccuFIT9000 is traceable to and compares extremely favorably to the proven “Gold Standard”.
Importance of respirator fit testing

The Optimal Environment for Respirator Fit Testing

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CPC-AAC fit testing measures the concentration of these particulates in the breathing zone while the test subject is performing a series of exercises designed to stress or breach the seal…
Half-Mask Respirator Fit Testing Protocol

What OSHA Says About Respirator Fit Testing

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The AccuFIT9000 has been designed to meet the requirements of the Condensation Nuclei Counting Fit Test protocol as described in 29 CFR 1910.134
Calculator for Savings on Respirator FIt Test Equipment

Cost Savings with AccuFIT 9000

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Because the official protocol required to perform a legally-valid qualitative (i.e., Saccharine or irritant-smoke) fit test is time-consuming and labor-intensive many practitioners omit required steps in order to simply get…
Accutec-IHS Respirator Fit Test Partners and Customer Service

Accutec-IHS and Customer Service

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We make it very easy for the customer to contact AccuTec. We employ a toll-free number (800-896-6959) which goes to a technically competent person, a dynamically monitored “inbox” for email,…
Healthcare worker with a disposable N95 facemask respirator

Why Annual Respirator Fit Testing is Necessary

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We have seen numerous examples of respirators that do not fit the subject when they are fit-tested the following year. Primarily these are the N95-type filtering facepieces, but we have…
Outdated Qualitative Fit Testing Method

Latest Advances in Respirator Fit Testing: Is Your Current Method Outdated?

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The next time one of your co-workers complains about the respirator fit test he or she is scheduled to undergo, show them the YouTube video below, which shows how fit…