NEW AccuFIT 9000® PRO

Fit Tests ALL Tight-Fitting Full & Half Mask Respirators

  • Tests All Respirator Types
  • Meets OSHA’s streamlined 2019 CNC protocol
  • Rugged & quick to deploy
  • Standalone or PC Operation
  • WiFI Enabled
  • Runs anywhere with new Battery Pack*

Quantitative vs Qualitative

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There are multiple ways to break down the differences between Qualitative fit testing and Quantitative fit testing. Quantitative is data-based, provides a real objective metric, and usually tests the actual mask individuals will wear to protect them. Qualitative is based on a  series of sensory questions.

Types of Quantitative Fit Testing

AccuFIT 9000® Machines use the Ambient Aerosol Method (CNC) of fit testing, which can be performed in as little as 3 minutes, and works on full-face, half-face, and even disposable masks and respirators.

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CNC Fit Testing

AKA Condensation Nuclei Counting.

  • Can test ALL types of respirators
  • Test fit in dynamic mode, while test subject is moving and breathing
  • Best correlation with gold standard
  • Much easier to learn and perform protocols
  • Produces direct fit factor

CNP Fit Testing

AKA Controlled Negative Pressure.

  • Cannot test filtering facepieces (N95 masks)
  • Test subject must hold breath and not move
  • Poor correlation with gold standard
  • Extremely operator technique dependant
  • Back calculated fit factor approximation

NEW AccuFIT DataManager™

Database Conversion Utility Program

The AccuFIT Data Manager™ software will readily migrate any data you’ve previously stored, even databases from other manufacturers.

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NEW AccuPack Rechargeable External Power Supply

Available to Ship in 2022

The AccuPACK™ external power supply has all the power you need to operate your AccuFIT9000® or AccuFIT9000® PRO for a full work shift of up to 12 hours without having to be plugged into an AC outlet.

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