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Chemical Industry Respirator Fit Testing

Protect yourself from chemical hazards

If you work in the Chemical Industry you already know that many compounds can be hazardous or toxic whether they’re in liquid, solid or gaseous form. Inhalation is one of the most common ways people are exposed to unsafe levels of almost any chemical – so respirators are required when working with these materials. Many of the raw materials that go into making a finished product can be so hazardous that even short-term exposure could cause injury, illness or death so making sure your respirator works as it should is critical to your survival. Other compounds can be carcinogenic or create other deadly outcomes from continuous exposure even if inhaled in low concentrations. Either way, Fit Testing of respirators is the only way to know that you’ll stay safe today, tomorrow and for years to come.

That’s why your Respiratory Protection Program manager places such a large emphasis on testing the fit of the respirators worn by employees exposed to these hazards. Even a tiny gap in the fit and seal of your respirator means it can’t protect your lungs while working in a potentially hazardous area.  AccuTec-IHS is here to help you effectively implement your Respiratory Protection Program and maintain your safety in the chemical production, processing or distribution workplace.

Quick Testing for Your Respiratory PPE

In many plants, protecting against these hazards are part of daily life – but we know you have a job to do, and you need to get back to doing it as quickly as possible! Our AccuFIT 9000® Quantitative Fit  Testers are built to get you and your work teams fitted accurately and quickly so you can get on with the job.  Our AccuFIT 9000® uses the “Gold Standard” of fit testing – called the Ambient Aerosol Concentration/Condensation Nuclei Counting (AAC/CNC) method. This is a dynamic fit test method which tests the fit of the respirator while the wearer is moving around and stressing the seal. The good news is that OSHA approved a Fast Fit Test Protocol which takes just two and a half minutes to complete! And if you’re using ‘disposable’ respirators like N95s or FFP2, (prevalent now due to COVID) our AccuFIT 9000® PRO can test every type of disposable as well as the half- and full-facepiece respirators and even SCBAs. No matter what kind of respiratory protection you wear, you’ll save time and increase efficiency – our AccuTec Fit Test products get you safely back to work as fast as possible.

Designed With All Respirator Users in Mind

If your workforce uses only elastomeric respirators, the AccuFIT 9000 is an economically-priced system that will test all full- and half-face respirators. If you also use filtering facepieces Accutec offers the AccuFIT 9000 PRO which can test all filtering facepieces (such as N95 respirators) plus all full- and half-face elastomeric respirators.  AccuTec Quantitative Fit Test systems are also designed to keep permanent records of your objective, defensible fit tests., And with the ability to run standalone or PC modes, you can perform your fit testing where you need it. Either way, your respirator fit testing information will be stored electronically and safely, no matter what your setup is.

Respirator Mask Types - fullface, halfmask, disposal filtering respirator masks

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