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Latest Firmware for AccuFIT 9000 & PRO

Here’s how to get the latest firmware for the AccuFIT 9000 and AccuFIT 9000 PRO series of Respirator Fit Test Instruments.

What's New?

Animation of Fit Test Exercises

The new firmware provides an animation demonstrating the proper movements while performing the required exercises which make up the fit test. This has been a feature which has been requested by many users, so in addition to merely showing the graphic animation in the computer-based software, the feature is available directly on the touchscreen of the device.

Internal Database in Standalone Operation

The new firmware gives the user the opportunity to perform the fit test and capture all data to the non-volatile internal memory of the device by using the extensive memory of the internal SD card. This has several benefits: First, the capacity for large databases is expanded. Second, record lookup time is reduced to less than a second regardless of data record size. Third, this eliminates the need to use a USB memory stick (or thumb drive). Fourth, data is non-volatile, secure, and can be transferred to the computer or cloud-based software at any future time.

New Look and Feel

The new firmware is designed to provide a cleaner, more modern appearance. All of the functionality of the previous firmware is preserved (including the ability to use a thumb drive for data capture if you really want to), but the new features make the AccuFIT 9000 series truly functional as a standalone (no computer-required) Quantitative Respirator Fit Test System.

Is the new Firmware compatible with the AccuFIT 9000 Legacy Software?

Yes, completely, but we would advise that if you want to continue using the Legacy Software you should download and install the latest version- ver. 1.5.4 from our website.

How do I get the New Firmware?

Provide your email, and serial number (optional) of the AccuFIT 9000 or AccuFIT 9000 PRO on which you will be installing the new firmware, and we’ll send you a link to download the zip file and the instruction set for installing it.


Firmware Download