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Healthcare Respirator Fit Testing

Stay healthy when working in Healthcare

Staying safe and protected when working in the healthcare field these days can be stressful enough, and proper respirator fit testing makes the difference between a safe interaction and an unsafe one. Especially considering the challenges of infectious disease control, having a correctly fitting respirator is imperative for your heath and that of those around you. That’s why AccuTec-IHS Respirators Fit Testers are perfect for the Healthcare field. We provide quality instruments that will give you accurate, fast, and efficient results, all at an affordable price.

Healthcare Worker with N95 Respirator Mask
Healthcare worker in a filter facepiece respirator with proper face fit

Stay on your feet with our quick fit

There’s no time to waste in today’s busy healthcare environment, and an old-fashioned qualitative fit testing to the regulatory requirements of 29 CFR 1910.134 can take over twenty minutes to accomplish.  With the new OSHA Fast 2019 Protocol, the Quantitative Fit Test performed by the AccuFIT 9000 PRO takes just two and a half minutes. The results provide you with a scientific and objective defensible Fit Factor metric, and the AccuFIT 9000 PRO system has built-in record keeping for both immediate clearance to work and future reference. Fit testing should be quick and accurate and the AccuFIT 9000 PRO is both. AccuTec-IHS instruments can Fit Test all disposable respirators and elastomeric respirators.

Designed With All Respirator Users in Mind

If your workforce uses only elastomeric respirators, the AccuFIT 9000 is an economically-priced system that will test all full- and half-face respirators. If you also use filtering facepieces Accutec offers the AccuFIT 9000 PRO which can test all filtering facepieces (such as N95 respirators) plus all full- and half-face elastomeric respirators.  AccuTec Quantitative Fit Test systems are also designed to keep permanent records of your objective, defensible fit tests., And with the ability to run standalone or PC modes, you can perform your fit testing where you need it. Either way, your respirator fit testing information will be stored electronically and safely, no matter what your setup is.

Respirator Mask Types - fullface, halfmask, disposal filtering respirator masks

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