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AccuFIT Data Manager™ Database Conversion Utility Program


Managing an effective Respiratory Protection Program requires much more than just performing the Fit Test, and a critical component of any complaint RPP is the ability to generate and maintain accurate, comprehensive records of individual workers’ Fit Test results as per OSHA 1910.134 Section (m)(2).

Using our AccuFIT9000® or 9000® PRO gives you the ability to easily create and store all the data you need for compliant recordkeeping, whether you are using the device in ‘standalone’ mode or with a tablet or PC to generate a portable database of Fit Test results.

But we didn’t stop there, because AccuTec-IHS believes that your legacy data should be easily accessible even when you’ve moved up to a new and better RFT system. Thus, we created AccuFIT Data Manager™ to readily migrate any & all data you’ve previously stored – even from other database formats – directly onto the software that supports your AccuFIT system.

You might already have hundreds or even thousands of Fit Test results residing in a legacy database – and now, with AccuFIT Data Manager, you can easily transfer those records to a modern format and move forward with confidence.

That’s just the beginning, as there are many additional functions contained in this program which is available to AccuFIT users at no cost through See the Data Manager page for illustrations of various features.

This is why we say: “Rugged, quick to deploy and fully featured our AccuFIT and AccuFIT PRO Quantitative Fit Testers provide the answers you need – in a format you can use.”

Key Attributes

  • Direct Import: This function allows the user to directly import complete databases from older systems into the AccuFIT 9000® format for immediate use in an AccuFIT 9000 or AccuFIT 9000 PRO system
  • Merge Database: allows the user to merge two or more database into a single database.
  • Split Database: allows the user to select records to be exported to another database. This selection can be manual or by means of several types of filters.
  • Sort: sort any column, e.g. date, name, pass/fail/ respirator, size, etc. The “Ctrl” or “Shift” key can beused to select records for further manipulation.
  • Edit: This function allows the user to edit names, employee number, and organization.
  • Search: This function enables the user to search any string of characters.
  • Summary Reports: produce many types of reports – of all (or selected) fit tests with one test per line, past due fit tests, upcoming fit tests, report filtered by respirator type or size, filtered by “passed” or “fail” – even custom designed reports
  • “Clean” Database: A database can be created containing only Names, Respirators, and Protocols for export to a USB thumb drive for use in the AccuFIT standalone mode.
  • Export to USB Thumb Drive: this function is used to populate a thumb drive for the AccuFIT 9000 or 9000 PRO in the standalone mode. This utility also checks the thumb drive for compatibility with the operating system of the AccuFIT 9000 or 9000 PRO.

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