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AccuPACK™ Rechargeable External Power Supply


Getting workers fit tested fast and back on the job is mission critical these days and there’s no time for chance and uncertainty. Sometimes that means getting out into remote areas where there’s no AC power, or “going mobile” in places where you want flexibility of use, like hospital buildings. The AccuPACK allows you to take your AccuFIT9000® to the worker in their own work area – rather than pulling them off their station to get Fit Tested at a central location.

AccuPACK has all the power you need to operate your AccuFIT9000® and 9000 PRO for a full work shift of up to 12 hours* without having to be tied to an AC Mains power source (i.e. wall plug) It’s a rechargeable hi-density power source that utilizes the latest in Lithium cell technology to ensure long life under challenging operating conditions. Rugged, quick to deploy and fully featured our AccuFIT and AccuFIT PRO Quantitative Fit Testers both provide answers you need in a format you can use.

Key Attributes

  • Allows independent Remote Operation – no AC Power Needed
  • Provides up to 12 Hours* of Continuous run time with your AccuFIT9000® or AccuFIT9000® PRO
  • Compact form factor fits underneath the AccuFIT®
  • Fast recharge times
  • Rugged construction to survive heavy field use
  • LED Power Level Indicator
  • Can be charged from 110Vac/60Hz or 220Vac/50Hz AC power outlets
  • Maximum Total energy: 153.6 Wh (Watt-hours) for easy transport per IATA
  • Comes complete with power cables and charging unit
  • 1 Year Warranty

AccuPACK™ Accessory Kit Includes:

  • AccuPACK™ Rechargeable Power Pack (p/n AF9-PAC)
  • AC Power cable to the Mains Supply
  • Output cable to AccuFIT 9000® or AccuFIT 9000® PRO
  • Operation and Service Manual

AccuPACK™ Specifications**

  • Typical* operating run time: Min 8h / Max >12h
  • Time to full charge from 0%: 4h
  • Size: 11”(L) x 7.75”(W) x 3”(H) (279mm x 197mm x 76mm)
  • Weight: 5 lbs (2.27 kg)
  • Environmental: 32 to 104 deg F (0 to +40 deg C)

Remember, Fit Test Accessory Kits, Mask Adapters, N95 Probes & Alcohol and all accessories are available from AccuTec-IHS or your local distributor.

* Operating times shown are typical for use under average to optimal conditions and may vary in your actual use conditions

** ALL Specifications are subject to change without notice

Download AccuPACK Data Sheet