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Cost Savings with AccuFIT 9000

Calculator for Savings on Respirator FIt Test Equipment

Because the official protocol required to perform a legally-valid qualitative (i.e., Saccharine or irritant-smoke) fit test is time-consuming and labor-intensive many practitioners omit required steps in order to simply get through the process.

Accutec-IHS and Customer Service

Accutec-IHS Respirator Fit Test Partners and Customer Service

We make it very easy for the customer to contact AccuTec. We employ a toll-free number (800-896-6959) which goes to a technically competent person, a dynamically monitored “inbox” for email, and text capabilities.

Why Annual Respirator Fit Testing is Necessary

Healthcare worker with a disposable N95 facemask respirator

We have seen numerous examples of respirators that do not fit the subject when they are fit-tested the following year. Primarily these are the N95-type filtering facepieces, but we have also observed the phenomenon with elastomeric respirators.