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Cost Savings with AccuFIT 9000

This is a spreadsheet for calculating the savings associated with using an AccuFIT9000 for testing the fit of N95 masks compared to the irritant smoke or Saccharine methods. Several assumptions have been made, including an average (non-burdened) hourly wage for a Registered Nurse or other technical employee and an average (non-burdened) hourly wage for all non-nursing or other non-technical employees.

A study performed several years ago indicated that the average time utilized in travel to and from duty station and explanation of test was twenty minutes. 29CFR1910.134 describes exactly the procedures required to perform a legal fit test, and the times are taken from that document.

Because the official protocol required to perform a legally-valid qualitative (i.e., Saccharine or irritant-smoke) fit test is time-consuming and labor-intensive many practitioners omit required steps in order to simply get through the process.

OSHA has indicated that they will be checking to ensure that the protocols are being followed.

AF9K justification

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Calculator for Savings on Respirator FIt Test Equipment

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