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Inspired by worker safety.
Backed by science.
Designed for confidence.

Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing

Quite simply, it is the most accurate, reliable, and verifiable testing method available today.

Helping people breathe confidently in the moments that matter most.

Fast Fit Enabled
Defensible Data
Lower Cost

AccuFIT 9000® Series

Our fit testing instruments can test all types and model of respirators.

We use Condensation Nuclei Counting – the only quantitive method that tests in a realistic environment where subjects are moving and breathing.

Syncs with your own System.
Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Cloud-Based Software

Our new software helps to automate your respiratory fit testing program.

With features like automatic updates, unique user permissions, and remote troubleshooting, our new software makes your job easier and you more productive.

Keeping you safe, protected, and on the job.

Our fit testing technology provides essential protection for workers in a variety of hazardous environments.

No one should have to worry about taking their next breath or question whether they’re being contaminated by infectious germs, chemicals, smoke, or toxins. Especially those we rely on to keep our world safe and productive.

Quantitative Fit Testing

The most accurate, data-driven form of respirator fit testing

Fueled by Science

Our methodologies are well-researched and backed by science, data, and facts. In fact, condensation Nuclei Counting is the only quantitative method that tests in a realistic environment where subjects are moving and breathing.

No gimmicks.
Just science.

Optimized Workflow

Our technology saves time, which means increased productivity for staff, more likelihood to get testing done, the ability to test more respirators in the same amount of time, and smoother employee training. With automated testing results, the tester has less weighing on their shoulders.

Hello, productivity.

Verifiable Proof

Unlike qualitative testing with no paper trail, you get automated defensible data for testers to prove they did everything in their power to make their employees safe. Data is automatically captured and stored, which means no more manually documenting test results, and less room for errors. This means compliance and confidence on a brand new level.

Save lives.
Breathe easy.

Easy to Test

All of our innovations are centered around our customers, making fit testing easy and intuitive. Our software can wirelessly control up to 8 instruments on a central database. Data is automatically stored and integrated within your current systems. Built-in display so the testing subject can read instructions directly on the device.

Simple and straightforward.

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